I am a Johannesburg-based writer, architect and mother.

I am particularly interested in the intersection of different worlds, when wealth and poverty, the rational and the magic come face to face.

I have written extensively on Johannesburg, madness and the supernatural, and dogs.

Find my dog people  @rosiethebassetprincess   or www.instagram.com/rosiethebassetprincess/

and @bobbytheshepherddog or www.instagram.com/bobbytheshepherddog


2005 winner HSBC/SA Pen Award ( Pius)

2006 2nd place in the HSBC/SA Pen Award ( Breaking Down the House)

2006 short-listed of 5 in European Union Literary Awards (Ahkenaten’s Garden)

2007 long-list European Union Literary Award.(The Gift )

2012 short-list of 5 in Sanlam Youth Literature Award. (Bobby)

Workshops by invitation/ qualification:

2007 Caine Prize Workshop, Kenya

2012 Bread Loaf /Middlebury College workshop, Vermont USA

2016 London School of Economics Colloquium: Writing the South African City


Publications online:

2006 International Pen Magazine volume 56 no 2 (Breaking Down the House)

2008 African Writing Online (Meeting Lucy)

2011 Sentinel Literary Quarterly (Emily Skye)

2012 African-Finnish Blog My Black and White Africa. (Why did She Turn Her Back? And Your Burka Makes Me Feel Hot)

Anthology appearances:

1996-8 poetry 

Over the Rainbow and Under African Skies 

Short stories

2005 African Compass (Pius)

2006 African Roads (Susanna)

2006 International Pen Magazine (Breaking Down the House)

2007 Jungfrau 7th Annual Collection of the Caine Prize for African Writing (Rejoice)

2008 Open (Taking Zoe to Play)

2012 The Pleasures of Peppermints (English) (Why did She Turn Her Back? And Your Burka Makes Me Feel Hot)

2012 Minttutoffeen onni (Finnish) (Why did She Turn Her Back? And Your Burka Makes Me Feel Hot)


2014 Bobby published by Human & Rousseau

2014 Bobbie published by Human & Rousseau in Afrikaans